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Mobile Physical Therapy in Southeast King County

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Penultimate Step Rehab is a physical therapy practice offering mobile appointments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the convenience of your home, office, or gym.  We bring all the necessary equipment to take the experience of an outpatient physical therapy clinic directly to you. Your physical therapist will work one-on-one with you to create and execute a customized treatment plan tailored to help you reach your goals - whether that is to return to sports at full strength or to finally take care of that nagging lower back pain.


No need to sit in traffic or crowded waiting rooms. 

Our licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy bring the outpatient physical therapy experience right to where you are.


Tired of unexpected, expensive medical bills that arrive in the mail months after your care has ended?  

We provide you an accurate, upfront estimate of the cost of your physical therapy care.


We get you better faster with

1-on-1 appointments with the same licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy every visit.

No changing therapists.

No pass offs to support staff. Just results.


lower back pain

Acute Injury

Getting in to be evaluated by a physical therapist may be the difference in that ankle sprain or disc herniation being a small setback or becoming a long-term nagging condition.

knee pain sports injury

Sports Injury

Is pain keeping you from living your life to the fullest? Start your journey to freedom from pain without drugs—and with treatment that gives you lasting results.

car accident injury

Auto Accident Injury

Auto accidents can be stressful enough. We’ll advocate for your recovery and help you create a plan to work towards returning to your prior level of function before the accident.

on the job injury

Workplace Injury

Injured on the job? We will work hand-in-hand with your L&I physician and case manager to get you healthy and back to work as soon as possible. 

post surgical rehab

Post-Op Rehab

Our PTs are trained to guide you from Day 1 after surgery back to 100% function.  We work closely with your surgeon to ensure all protocols are followed to maximize your functional outcomes.

chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Has nagging back pain, pesky knee pain, or achy shoulder pain prevented you from doing the activities you used to love? Let us help you create a plan to tackle those aches & pains and get back to living your best life.



Disclaimer: Insurance benefits vary by each individual plan/policy - the best way to verify coverage is to contact us and we will walk you through everything step-by-step.


  • Maple Valley

  • Covington

  • Black Diamond

  • Ravensdale

  • Fairwood

  • Renton Highlands

  • Kent Easthill

  • Auburn Lea Hill


Dr. Andrew (Drew) Thompson, PT, DPT

Dr. Drew, the owner and lead physical therapist at Penultimate Step Rehab, was born and raised in Maple Valley, WA.  He excelled in the sport of taekwondo from a young age including becoming a multiple time National Champion and US National Team member.  His first exposure to physical therapy came while recovering from his own injuries throughout his athletic career.  In addition to taekwondo, Dr. Drew also had a passion for football which led to him accepting an invitation to walk-on at Washington State University where he would graduate with a degree in Exercise Science.  He would go on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine and continues his professional development learning more about treating the human body through continuing education courses.

Through his own experience as a patient, Dr. Drew has been exposed to a plethora of unique methods of treating the human body.  He founded Penultimate Step Rehab with the vision of combining the most effective techniques available to help optimize his clients’ movement strategies and help them reach their goals.  He embraces the challenge of problem solving in the field of injury rehab while appreciating the complexity and nuance of working with the human body.  He now seeks to serve his community and give back to help his clients reach their goals, maximize their health, and learn to move well for generations to come.

doctor of physical therapy Dr. Andrew Thompson
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes! We are an in-network provider with some of the biggest insurers in our region. Because the benefits of each policy are unique, the best way to verify coverage is to reach out to us directly. We will help you navigate and understand your insurance benefits and coverage for physical therapy.
  • I don't see my insurance on your website. Can I still work with you?
    Yes! Insurance benefits are often confusing and rarely straight-forward. We can double check your insurance benefits to verify if we are an in-network provider. In the event that we are not an in-network provider, we accept out-of-network benefits and have a competitive out-of-pocket "cash" rate as well. If we are unable work out the logistics, we will help direct you to another reputable in-network physical therapy provider in your area.
  • Should I expect a huge bill for my care to arrive in the mail a few weeks to months after I've finished treatment?
    Absolutely not! We know that billing issues can cause major headaches for patients. We also know that is it very common for patients to not know how much medical treatment costs until after the fact when they receive the bill. At Penultimate Step Rehab, we are committed to providing transparent healthcare. We will provide you upfront with a highly accurate estimate of what working with us will cost. No surprises. No hidden fees. This gives you the knowledge and power to have control over your healthcare. Additionally, we collect all patient responsibility payments upfront at the time of service including deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance. This prevents outstanding patient balances from building up and allows us to troubleshoot any billing issues while you are still under our care, not months after you have finished treatment.
  • You collect deductibles and co-insurance at the time of service?
    That's correct. Collecting the payments that our patients are responsible for upfront allows you to know how exactly much your physical therapy care costs as well as prevents outstanding balances from tallying up. It also prevents us from having to focus our time and effort on billing after-the-fact which allows us to spend more time on what really matters - helping you meet your goals as fast as possible!
  • What methods of payment can I use for my copays, deductible, and coinsurance?
    We accept: -debit cards (including HSA/FSA) -credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) -cash -checks
  • Do I need a prescription/referral for physical therapy?
    In most cases, a prescription/referral is NOT REQUIRED to begin physical therapy care. However, we recommend obtaining one to keep on file (even if it is obtained after starting physical therapy) to minimize the risk of difficulties billing insurance down the road. A few instances (including L&I claims, motor vehicle accident claims, and select insurance companies) will require a referral from a physician before they will cover physical therapy services. The best way to find out is to reach out and let us guide you to understanding your unique situation.
  • How long are physical therapy appointments?
    The initial appointment will be 60 minutes in length to allow us to conduct a thorough assessment and gather all the necessary information to create a treatment plan moving forward. Follow-up appointments will be between 45-55 minutes in length depending on what is most appropriate for your unique circumstances.
  • What should I do before my first appointment?
    Please make sure to fill out the patient intake paperwork at the secure link emailed to you. This will help maximize the time available to begin treatment at the end of your first appointment. If you are unable to do so ahead of time, please contact us so we can plan accordingly. Also, please identify the best area in your home to conduct the physical therapy treatment sessions. We will need roughly an open 8 ft x 8 ft area to setup the treatment table - the more open the space, the better.
  • What should I wear to physical therapy appointments?
    Loose, comfortable clothing that will allow us to easily expose the body region we will be focusing on as well as allow you to exercise unrestricted (i.e. not jeans)
  • What can I expect at my first physical therapy appointment?
    Your appointment will begin with a discussion between you and your provider about the issue(s) you are seeking treatment for including your goals for physical therapy. Next, the provider will conduct a thorough physical examination to assess the nature of your condition and potential contributing factors. Your provider will discuss with you the examination findings and a plan moving forward to address your issue(s) and help your meet your goals. Generally, there will be a short amount of time to initiate the treatment plan which may include a combination of hands-on techniques and prescribed home exercises to begin doing between appointments.
  • Will I be seen by multiple providers during my course of treatment?
    No. We understand how frustrating it can be to be juggled between multiple clinicians with differing treatment styles. Here at Penultimate Step Rehab, we believe that keeping you with the same provider consistently helps you reach your goals and desired outcomes faster.
  • How much of my treatment plan will be carried out by support staff and assistants?
    None! You will work 1-on-1 directly with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy every appointment to maximize the efficiency of your physical therapy experience.
  • If I have a question for my provider, how can I get ahold of them?
    At Penultimate Step Rehab, we are all about making healthcare convenient. One of the ways we do this is by providing all of our patients with their provider's direct phone number which are both call and text enabled. Provider phones are monitored and checked frequently during business hours which means you get answers to your questions quicker than any other physical therapy provider - GUARANTEED.
  • Doctors always seem to be running late. Is that true for your providers too?
    Nope. Our providers' appointments are scheduled to account for travel time between patients' homes. On very rare occasions, traffic incidents, car troubles, or road closures may cause your provider to be late. If this occurs, you will be informed immediately via call/text.


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